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In the first week of ticket sales, the majority of tickets have already been sold. Thank you to our hard working school council members for two days of solid effort allocating the tickets.

We are now down to the final twenty families who have not yet purchased tickets.  In the Concert ticket flyer, which was sent home on Thursday 6 August, it is mentioned that the last twenty families may be restricted to one ticket per family.  We actually have reached that point this morning. 

So, if you haven’t yet purchased a ticket, this is to inform you that unfortunately you will be restricted to one ticket per family.  We advise you to either purchase the ticket early next week, or advise the office that you will be requiring your one ticket before the 9 September.

Every two years we face the restrictions for the size of our school of the seating capacity of Plenty Ranges, which has the largest seating capacity of concert venues in our local area.  In the past we have explored alternative options, but feedback from our community has always been that they would prefer the concert to be held in a local venue, rather than travel to a venue with a larger capacity.  Early next term, we will survey our school community as to an alternative venue (greater seating capacity), out of our local area, for our 2017 concert.  Please take the time to respond when asked to next term.

Concert ticket sales are only through the school office no longer available on Qkr.


Concert going well - Year 3 request

The concert committee met before school this morning and rehearsals are going well. The year 3 team has a request - they need bottle tops for their larger-phones. Please send to the office if you have any.

ICAS Maths Competition

The ICAS Maths competition will be held TOMORROW Tuesday 11th August. Good luck to all those involved.